National Account Adjusters

Columbus, Ohio 4 comments

I realize that I should not have given this company my checking account information.They were attempting to collect a debt of my son's and I was willing to work with them.

They did not fax the paperwork to me so I called and told them that I did not want $ taken from my account. Tracy agreed and I said that after receiving paperwork I would write paper checks. I received nothing and they took $ from my account. Tracy and the general manager were both extremely nasty.





They are calling me 4 times a day, very rude ghetto rat sounding representatives.I informed them I am disabled and have some pending payments, they respond by asking for bank or checking info or to send a little money.

Do not send money unless you are paying the debt in full, it simply starts the seven year span over by giving recent activity and I believe by paying them you unknowingly agree for them to be your new debtor.Secondly as I understand I am entitled to pay my original debtor regardless of what they say.


The manager Bart Owens is so cruel,with ((NATIONAL ACCOUNT ADJUSTERS)) and Atty JAMES J STANDLEY.He told me last year that if I do not pay them or do not attend my court hearing, for my summons and complaint, that I am going to jail.

I just now consulted an attorney, and this attorney told me that I could of filed an Attorney General complaint. Also, I could of filed an fdcpa complain.

I will know better next time.!!!

Reidsville, North Carolina, United States #6553

They are b.s.......Mkae sure you listen to what they say. the should be doing the mini miranda ..this is an attempt to collect a debt any informatiuon will be used for that purpose......if not sue well as laugh at them if it is older than 7 years .depending on the state, just tell them to stop calling or you will file a complaint with the attorney general.....

Buckeye, Arizona, United States #1929

I recieved a call today from this company asking to speak with my EX husband.When I told him that he did not live here and he is my ex husband, he asked me for a phone number for my ex.

When I asked what it was regarding he said, I can't tell you, I then said, then I dont have a number for him and the man said, "yeah, I thought so that is probably why he left you" he then hung up on me and I called the number back that came up on my caller ID and asked to speak with a supervisor, the man that answered stated what can I do for you, I asked if he was a supervisor and he said what can I do for you? I told him that i did not like them calling my house for my ex and when I would not give out any info on him they got nasty with me, the man then got nasty and said if I call them back it is harrassment and I said that I know the law and that they have no right speaking with me the way they do and I will contact my attorney. He said fine and hung up on me again.

What a nasty way to try and get info on someone.I would think twice about dealing with this company if any company wants to get their money for a debt, hire someone that is a little more in touch with the law and how to speak with people when they call them.

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